Saturday, 11 June 2016


Here are the finished Scorpionmen for my resurrected Glorantha project, it has only been 11 years since Sebastian gave them to me.  A slow burner.

I have some more plans for there; a Queen, a hero and some swarms of smaller scorpions.  The balance of the army will consist of broo.

The minis are from Rapier and they are based on my BatBases, the deep unit-sized ones, which are just over 12cm wide. This means the bases will be roughly twice the size of the old Hordes of the Things bases, leaving plenty of room for modelling and accomodating the odd extra-large model (like Greg's 12" Gonn Orta and Batty!). Until we get the re-basing sorted, we will be using pairs of HoTT elements.  

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