Sunday, 12 June 2016

Battle of Horn Gate

Today we played a jolly game set in Prax, using modified To the Strongest! rules, at Broadside in Sissinghurst.   It went very well and there were some hilarious incidents.  One poor young player drew a string of Aces, culminating in the loss of his general who I had nicknames Acus Maximus.

Above massed bison riders and below the Lunar centre, screened by expendable scorpionmen allies.

Above, the Bison riders tended to get the better of the exchange.  Below a view from the sable rider camp.

Above, Batty made a brief appearance; lots of people can over to talk about him.  Below, the sable tribe's ancestors turn up to lend a hand.

The magic rules worked pretty well and I have some excellent suggestions that Ian made on the way back, to digest.

The Broadside show was really excellent and I'm sure we'll be back next year!

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