Sunday, 20 March 2016

Small but beautifully formed

Mate Andrew Brentnall will be putting on a spectacular Pharsalus game at the Society of Ancients Battle Day at Bletchley on April 2nd, using To the Strongest! and his lovely 6mm Romans. Below are pictures of an earlier test game; the final scenario is rather larger!

I am astonished how effective minis in the smaller scale look these days, especially used en masse in conjunction with the new cloth mats (these ones are the steppe design 10cm grid). Reminds me of that scene in Spartacus...

On the left are the Pompeians and on the right are the Caesarians with (mostly) small units. The Pompeians have deep cavalry units and the Caesarians small, veteran cavalry units.

Andrew is looking for players so if you think you can make it to Bletchley for the day (it's always a very enjoyable day out) then please drop me a line (or leave a comment) and I'll put you in touch with him. I hope to be there myself to see how it plays out!

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