Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Raphia roundup

I've been working hard on the Raphia game and I thought it might be interesting to share the deployment plan (above, clickable) and for me to review what is left to do. The battlefield (including the dunes at the edges) will be fourteen foot wide. The Ptolemaic phalanx (and supporting infantry) will be 8' 8" wide (2.6m). I have the majority of the troops I need painted and based, but there is still a deal of ground to cover. 

Troops not yet painted include:-

  • 48 Silver shields
  • 48 Thureophoroi
  • 24 Thracians 
  • 24 Galatians
  • 9 Ptolemaic lancers

There are also the following to do- these are substantially painted but not finished or on based:-

  • 20 Seleucid lancers
  • 96 phalangites
  • 48 Greek mercenaries
Troops on bases but needing grout/flocking
  • 336  phalangites
When finished, these will add another 2' to the pike phalanx and 2' of supporting infantry to the host.

I also need to finish and base the following by the week after Salute for a Leuctra game; half of these are painted but most need spears, finishing and basing.

  • 145 Thebans
It's going to be a busy March and April!

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