Monday, 28 March 2016

Antiochus Megas

Here is the Seleucid Emperor, Antiochos Megas (the Great) for my too-big-for-Salute Raphia game. He will lead a bodyguard cavalry unit on the extreme right of the Seleucid line. He was painted by Shaun and he and his escorts are Aventine (although he rides a Foundry horse).

Mate Shaun McTague dropped off the last phalanx and cavalry unit for Raphia and Leuctra this morning. Now I just need to assemble, varnish and base them! Not a trivial undertaking...

Above are the new Silver Shields and some Victrix Mercenaries, below is a close-up of the Victrix. I've given them metal pin spears which I hope will be durable. They will be mixed in 50/50 with some Lucid Eye hoplites that Shaun painted earlier; it'll be an amazing-looking unit.

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