Monday, 14 March 2016

Ptolemaic Xystorphoroi

I've re-based the Xystphoroi on the front of my rulebook (which was painted by Raglan) into wedge and added a second unit painted by Shaun McTague.  Shaun will shortly paint a third regiment to match. I really like the look of wedges for Successor cavalry. There will be seven regiments in wedge, two in rhomboid and four in line in the Raphia battle, for a total thirteen.

Both units are of Polemarch riders, sold by Gripping Beast, on Aventine Successor horses.  These are their older horse range- the new horses are slightly different but just as nice.  These units can be deployed in line or wedge as I prefer. 

After Raphia I plan to add some Alexandrian companions, some prodromoi, some Thracians and a whole load of Persians to the mix, which will permit me to re-fight most of the  Successor battles.

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