Friday, 22 January 2016

Seleucid levies for Raphia

I recently bought these chaps from mate Craig Davey and re-conditioned them after they took a bit of a pasting in the post.  

There are two units of levies equipped from Seleucid arsenals, hence the uniforms and similar shields.

Each unit has some light infantry archer support (behind), for Raphia these will probably be deployed out in front as skirmishers.

In the Raphia game at the Wargames Holiday Centre in April, the levies will be somewhere on the left of the Seleucid line, probably as javelinmen, raw in To the Strongest! parlance. I won't expect much of them but they certainly make a brave sight in their red tunics!

In other news... I'm getting ready for the "To the Strongest!" world championship in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire. Around 20 competitors will compete for the title "World's strongest!". We still have room for a couple more contestants so if you are free on Saturday 13th February please drop me a line at my email address- I can loan you one of my armies for the event, if you'd like.

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