Thursday, 28 January 2016


Pharoah Ptolemy is still recruiting furiously for my big Raphia game. Here are two regiments of Ptolemaic xystophoroi (lancers) in the process of being based as wedges- units in wedge can charge on a diagonal without the usual difficult activation penalty.. Both use Polemarch riders on Aventine steeds. The sharp-eyed will recognise the unit on the left from the cover of the rules (below), they were painted by Welsh Raglan. The all-new unit on the right was recently painted to match by Shaun McTague. I am really pleased with them and might go on to raise a third ilai.  

Unfortunately I couldn't get a table at Salute so Raphia only be played at the Wargames Holiday Centre on the weekend after Salute (22nd-24th April), along with the Sabis, Leuctra, Cremona and a Late Roman bash. Mark still has a couple of places...

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