Friday, 15 January 2016

Raphia re-inforcements...

Mate Craig has very kindly sold me some more of the miniatures he painted for our joint Raphia game back in 2013. These represent Arabs levies in Seleucid service; they are unlikely to be the most resilient element of the Seleucid phalanx.

To some extend numbers will compensate for lack of quality... there are 80 of the blighters.

The minis are mostly lightly converted Perry Ansar and Copplestone archers.  They took a bit of a pasting during the journey South, and one element enjoyed an unexpected four day sojourn at the bottom of the BigRedBatCave's recycling bin, but they are now happily restored and ready for the late April game at the Wargames Holiday Centre.

In other news... I am having a flash sale of the To the Strongest! rules (to cover the purchase of Craig's Seleucid cavalry). If you'd like to pick up a set with a 25% discount, please drop in at the BigRedBatShop and enter "LAKEPEIPUS" at the checkout. I'll also include a free pack of ammo chits with every physical order. 

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