Thursday, 11 February 2016

The hills have I- part 3

The hills are pretty much finished- once dry I'll remove the surplus flock and the gravel and dark green layers below will show through. You may be able to see that the colour is a good match for the Deep-Cut plains mats (in the background). I'm taking no fewer than nine mats and forty-five hills to the Worlds at Chalgrove on Saturday!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The hills have I - part 2

Five hours of flocking has got me to this stage; all the hills now have a 50% covering of dark green flock and ballast.  The next stage is, once they are dry, to remove surplus material, and then I'll apply a medium green flock, perhaps tonight, perhaps tomorrow.

The hills have I

Today I shall mostly be flocking hills for the To the Strongest! World Championships at Chagrove in Oxfordshire on Saturday. By the time I have finished these should match the Deep-Cut plains mats that we will mostly be using.

If you are in the area and fancy dropping in for a look or to join in, please drop me a line!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Seleucid line cavalry

These are some Seleucid line cavalry that I bought from mate Craig Davey for my planned Raphia game at the Wargames Holiday Centre on the weekend 22nd - 24th April. Unfortunately they were very roughly handled during their long march southwards (from Leeds) but they are now, happily, restored to peak military efficiency! Pics are clickable.

The miniatures are all Aventines and very nice they are, too. Happily Craig's basing style works very well with the Deep-Cut Mats.

I have been very busy writing, shipping, basing and painting recently which has cut rather into my blogging time. Have no fear; normal service shall be resumed shortly!

Thursday, 28 January 2016


Pharoah Ptolemy is still recruiting furiously for my big Raphia game. Here are two regiments of Ptolemaic xystophoroi (lancers) in the process of being based as wedges- units in wedge can charge on a diagonal without the usual difficult activation penalty.. Both use Polemarch riders on Aventine steeds. The sharp-eyed will recognise the unit on the left from the cover of the rules (below), they were painted by Welsh Raglan. The all-new unit on the right was recently painted to match by Shaun McTague. I am really pleased with them and might go on to raise a third ilai.  

Unfortunately I couldn't get a table at Salute so Raphia only be played at the Wargames Holiday Centre on the weekend after Salute (22nd-24th April), along with the Sabis, Leuctra, Cremona and a Late Roman bash. Mark still has a couple of places...

Friday, 22 January 2016

Seleucid levies for Raphia

I recently bought these chaps from mate Craig Davey and re-conditioned them after they took a bit of a pasting in the post.  

There are two units of levies equipped from Seleucid arsenals, hence the uniforms and similar shields.

Each unit has some light infantry archer support (behind), for Raphia these will probably be deployed out in front as skirmishers.

In the Raphia game at the Wargames Holiday Centre in April, the levies will be somewhere on the left of the Seleucid line, probably as javelinmen, raw in To the Strongest! parlance. I won't expect much of them but they certainly make a brave sight in their red tunics!

In other news... I'm getting ready for the "To the Strongest!" world championship in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire. Around 20 competitors will compete for the title "World's strongest!". We still have room for a couple more contestants so if you are free on Saturday 13th February please drop me a line at my email address- I can loan you one of my armies for the event, if you'd like.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Raphia re-inforcements...

Mate Craig has very kindly sold me some more of the miniatures he painted for our joint Raphia game back in 2013. These represent Arabs levies in Seleucid service; they are unlikely to be the most resilient element of the Seleucid phalanx.

To some extend numbers will compensate for lack of quality... there are 80 of the blighters.

The minis are mostly lightly converted Perry Ansar and Copplestone archers.  They took a bit of a pasting during the journey South, and one element enjoyed an unexpected four day sojourn at the bottom of the BigRedBatCave's recycling bin, but they are now happily restored and ready for the late April game at the Wargames Holiday Centre.

In other news... I am having a flash sale of the To the Strongest! rules (to cover the purchase of Craig's Seleucid cavalry). If you'd like to pick up a set with a 25% discount, please drop in at the BigRedBatShop and enter "LAKEPEIPUS" at the checkout. I'll also include a free pack of ammo chits with every physical order.