Friday 1 March 2024

All the New Horse

I've recently, with the big Salute game in mind, added just over 100 new 28mm cavalry to my ECW armies. Around half the minis are from eBay purchases, retouched, and the remainder were painted by the hard-working Shaun McTague. I finished and based all the minis, and chum Ian Notter flocked them all. They still need tufts and flags. Around a half are Renegades, the rest are Bicornes.

Above and below, there are 54 "Dutch" horse in six 3-deep troops, some of these are cuirassiers, acting as lifeguards for the generals.

...and above and below, there are another 54 minis in three Swedish regiments of 18. These will all be Royalists.

This will give me just over 500 beautifully painted cavalry in the Salute game- around twelve regiments a side, plus three lifeguard troops. I am striving to achieve a historical ECW ratio of horse to foot-  I should have 1:2.5 or so on the day. other news I added some more items, including magnetic basing materials, to the flash sale in the BigRedBatShop


Krystian said...

Hi, when can we expect TtS 2 rules?

Krystian said...

Hi, when can we expect TtS2 rules?

David said...

What a marvelous sight! Sadly though I'll not be at Salute to see it, gave up on it long ago.

Phil said...

Wow, very impressive!