Sunday, 30 August 2015

Equites quarti clibanarii Parthi

These superb cataphractoi were painted by Shaun Redzed Watson, who very kindly sold them to me last year. I have rebased them and named them after one of the units from the Eastern empire, the Fourth Parthian Clibanarii. We don't know exactly how clibanarii differed from cataphractoi. In my armies, the eastern clibanarii will ride half-armoured horses, 'cos that's how the minis came!

The basing is a bit of a departure for me; instead of the normal 3 bases for  a units, I have divided them into 2, so that they can either form a deep wedge or a line as I choose. 

I am really delighted with them!  It is very likely they will be on the table next Sunday at Partizan for the very large game that I'm putting on with James Morris, Steve Jones, Scrivs and Mog. If you are coming to Partizan and fancy playing, please drop me a line!

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