Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Fun at the Wargames Holiday Centre

I have another weekend of To the Strongest! gaming at the Wargames Holiday Centre near Basingstoke on the weekend of  6th to 8th November.  The games I anticipate running include:

  • Thapsus - Caesar vs. Pompey and Juba in North Africa
  • Megalopolis - Antipater’s Macedonians attempt to seize a mountain pass from the Spartans; this game reduced us to tears of laughter, back in May.
  • On the road to Ravenna - Late Romans, Roman deserters, Goths and Huns battle it out in Northern Italy
  • Zela - Caesar chastens Pharnaces’ Pontics; or not, as the case may be…
  • Athens and Sparta – will Athenian numbers triumph over Spartan prowess and drill?
  • Take the High Road - the Romans intercept a raiding Pictish army

There will be as many minis of as my car will carry - and I have a very big car!  :-)  We usually have three or four games set up at a time and people get to play most or all of them over the course of the weekend. If you've not played before I can instruct and give you a rule book to take away at the end.

We usually stay in the local Hilton which is very nice and surprisingly cheap.  A fine time will be had by all!

If you are interested drop me a line, or contact Mark Freeth here.

Best, Simon

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