Friday, 13 June 2014

Waste not, want not

Alongside the cavalry in my last post, were seven primed Roman archers. I'm using these to complete two more units, one each of Eastern and one of Western auxiliaries, giving me a (somewhat excessive) seven units, of which 4 are shown below. I'm not likely to use seven units very often, except, perhaps, in a big siege, or an invasion of Persia...

I'm also taking the opportunity to improve the basing, moving from 6x3cm bases with two minis each, to 6x5cm bases, with three. The great thing about art card bases is one can carefully separate the top layer with a sharp craft knife, so that they can be re-used. I've been able to recycle some old 6x2cm bases, by sticking them onto the edges of the 6x3's. I have also re-used all the old tufts and even some of the painted grout. When finished, I'm confident that they will look a lot better than in their previous incarnation, and probably only cost £1-£2 for materials.

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