Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I have not one, not two but four large Roman-themed games coming up at the Wargames Holiday Centre this weekend, and have been raising and re-organising my Romans for the event. I believe Mark has a couple of spaces left, so if you are in the UK, and at a loose end...  

I've painted 6 more elements of cavalry, and also increased the size of most of my existing alae to 6 stands. I'll take some closeups later on, when I've finished flocking them. The unit in front represents the combined cavalry elements of my Batavian cohorts.  Smaller squadrons of Britons and Equites Cohortales are drawn up behind them. My favourites are the Batavians because they were some of the first 28mm Ancients I bought, back in 2004, and they have been expanded several times since then, and I've also gradually improved the paintwork along the way. They are Foundry Gallic cavalry painted as regulars.

Below are my re-organised archers, Western at the front and Eastern behind.  I now have seven units-worth of them.  In this latest organisation I added casualties and made some head-swaps.

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