Monday, 3 June 2013

Pikes, pachyderms and Partizan

Yesterday we played the long-planned game of Raphia at Partizan.

I was far too busy to take many photos, but I did get a few good shots of the setup, and one of the team involved; so here goes!  This is a view down the 14' long table; the Seleucids being on the right.

Below, this is my phalanx, with first the agema/peltastoi, then the libyans, the five chalkaspides and three deeper machimoi taxis; some 600 minis with long pointy sticks!  There were 11 lovely Aventine  elephants on the table, and Craig's phalanx was very colourful in pink and blue.  

Below, Craig's lovely converted arabs stare across the plain towards the Egyptian phalanx, no doubt with considerable trepidation...

A view from behind the Seleucid left flank.

There seems to be something wrong with our elephants today... an African elephant routs through the King's Companions.

And below, an Indian routs through the Seleucid mercenary phalanx.

Eventually the Seleucid cavalry were able to turn onto the exposed wing of the Ptolemaic phalanx, and roll it up.  

I hope to get some more shots of the battle, later.  My "To the Strongest!") rules worked very well, in their largest test to date, and Keith and Craig had a couple of very interesting suggestions, that I am pondering...

Craig has posted a fuller AAR here.

Here are the various involved parties: Keith, Adam, Craig, John, yrs. truly and Dug.

Partizan was great fun; very well organised, as ever, and I love the high ceiling of the main hall.  Sadly I didn't have time to see many of the other games, or even spend any money.  I did meet lots of bloggers and gamers, though, and enjoyed chatting with the WSS crew on the next table, too, as well as catching up with Keith, Adam, Dug and Craig.  

Now...  what to do next?  ;-)
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