Friday, 7 June 2013

New Projects

I've laid aside pikemen (for the time being), to get back to some projects that have been on hold for 6 months.  First I have half a legion-worth of Caesarian Romans.  The minis in the front were beautifully painted by Nick, last year, and the ones at the rear (needing some TLC) are from eBay.  Plan is to bring the eBay ones up to Nick's standard, or as close as I can get them...

Below are a unit of Gothic skirmishers, that I finished this week and am basing up.  Beyond them are a load of Riders of Rohan horses that I've prepped for yet another project.  They are very nice steeds, and were cheap as chips.


Handgrenadealien said...

Whats this, not a single pike in sight! You could at least have laid one ironically in a corner just to let us down gently.
Those Rohan horses are very nice though, had my eye on those for some time.

Regards HGA.

John Lambshead said...

You remind me: I have a box of unpainted Romans. Sigh.

Lord Raglan said...

Good old Romans, I just knew you would be back. Although I think you may have some catching up to do now Mr Miller.

fireymonkeyboy said...

Alright, you've piqued my curiosity, for what project will you use the horses?


BigRedBat said...

HGA, there will be more pikes before the year is out. I'm still waiting for the 150 with the painter.

Hi Raglan, I have the odd Roman tucked away, here and there... ;-)

FMB, some years back I painted some Gripping Beast EIR Roman riders, but I used their horses for another project. I'm going to put them on the Rohan steeds and base for Impetus... just for fun.

Cheers, Simon

roma912 said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress with the Caesarean Romans and thr EIR horse archers.