Thursday, 13 June 2013

Caesarian Legion mustering

A quick WIP shot of the new legion that I'm mustering.  I've been doing my best to bring the standard  of the eBay milites (left) up to those of Nick's (right).  At least the shields match, now!


Caliban said...

Looking good, Simon. How many figs per legio?

BigRedBat said...

Hi Paul, ultimately 240, but I only have enough part-painted minis for 5 24-man cohorts right now, so it'll be under-strength (as so many legions were!).

Cheers, Simon

Matt said...


Somehow I missed this report!

Lovely work so far. Look forward to seeing more of these.

How did you paint the horses?



BigRedBat said...

Hi Matt, thanks!

I primed the horses using spray can (black, grey and chestnut), and then over-painted a few in a darker brown. All were then highlighted. I then painted the tackle on, and socks, and washed with ink diluted with floor polish. It was a fairly quick paint job.

They are horses from the GW riders of Rohan! Quite nice, unfortunately only 2 poses, though. Now I need to decide about riders...

Cheers, Simon