Saturday, 8 June 2013

More Revolting Goths

After a very long interval, I've completed a unit of Gothic skirmishers to go with the Gothic warband I painted last year.

These minis are a mixture of Gripping Beast and Black Tree miniatures.  Some have looted Roman shields (mostly from LBMS).  Interestingly, three of the miniatures (3rd, 5th and 8th from the left) have been in my odds-and-ends box since 2005, when I picked them up at the Bristol Tabletop sale, along with some Normans; I'd love to know who originally painted them!  The minis came out OK, but the basing came out particularly well, I think because I used static grass alongside the tufts, and sealed the lot with matt spray varnish.

Every few months I hope to add another late-Roman era unit to my slowly growing collection.  You never know, one day, I may even have enough for a game!
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