Saturday, 4 December 2010

Broken Biscuit Battalion

I mentioned in a previous post how dropped and broke a fair sized army of Viet Minh back in the 1980's.  I've always felt sad about these poor crippled soldiers, and the time has finally come to restore them!  In the below photo, the figures broken off at the ankles have been planted in clumps of greenstuff "grass".   This gives each of them a pretty strong base.  I've mixed in a few new Miniatures brought from the ever efficient Tony at ERM.  When they are all painted, I'll disguise the clumps with Silflor.

Below are the "hard" cases; these broke off at the waist, and some lost their rifles.  I've dug them into slit trenches, and replaced missing weapons with wire.

These will be really convenient when I need to depict dug-in Viet Minh troops, and I'll paint them over the next week.  


James said...

Good solution to what could have been a tragedy. Many people buy figures and cut them off at the waist to make dug-in troops. Most of the VC types I encounter in playing 'Nam games are dug in anyway!

BigRedBat said...

Yes, James. Handy in a way, as I'm always reluctant to cut minis up; these ones, not so much!

Anonymous said...

Think you should have a medical team in there somewhere Simon, as it seems they have all had some major treatment, not to mention trauma.

Millsy said...

Brilliant idea with the green stuff. I'll hve to store that one away for future reference. Hopefully I'll never need it! ;-)

BigRedBat said...

With a 28mm figure you can pin legs to ankles, but 20mm minis are just too thin to do much with.

I had a good go at painting them today; they look pretty good!