Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Coh. II Brittanorum Eq.

The I and II Brittanorum were Roman auxiliary cohorts, raised in Britannia some time after 43AD.  They probably fought with Vitellius in the 69 AD Civil War (most of the auxiliary units I've modelled so far are from the garrison of Britannia).

Above, I have finished 16 additional Auxilia to match the 8 spare from May, which has enabled me to form a Cohort II Brittanorum.  I intend that both British cohorts will ultimately become Equitata, so each will need a contingent of 6 cavalry.  If anyone has any spare Foundry Caesarian Gallic cavalry, I'm in the market for a swap!

The figures are all Foundry Saleh's except for the command stand which has a Crusader centurion and cornicen (I am sometimes somewhat disparaging about Crusader, but these are very nice minis) and Foundry Copplestone signifer and imagifer.  This time I remembered to sculpt knee breetches on the latter three, so that they match their comrades.

Here is the original cohort, the I Brittanorum:- 

The next cohort will be the Raetians (see previous post).  I've also decided that I'll also need to paint, down the line, another cohort each of Gauls and Batavians along with their integral cavalry contingents.


Galpy said...

they look great really loving your paint work. I've only just started my first romans finished 8 cav last night still a bit of work on the bases to go but tonight i'll be able to feild a small force for the first time of my own Roman and i think i am hooked on them already

Scullmeister said...

Always good to see more painted Romans!

Adelaide Gamer said...

That second cohort has 'it'! It looks like a very interesting operational unit you are building up here.

Unknown said...

Some lovely painting and modelling red batman and some good background to the project. It's definitely piqued my interest, Im now looking forward to my roman army pack with even more enthusiasm.