Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Coh. I Britannorum Eq.

This is a unit I've been working on since Salute; the third unit of Auxilia for my very slowly expanding EIR army.  I bought 24 painted figures on eBay, painted 6 more to match, retouched and rebased.  I fear that the shield patterns are legionary, but they look great so I don't care.  Have a click; they aren't bad minis!  The Centurion is GW.

It is over-strength compared to my other 24 man cohorts, which represent 480 auxilia at 1:20 scale (so each base is a century).  I'm tempted to add 8 more figures and call it a Milliary cohort, or another 16 and divide it into two cohorts.  Some day I may get around to painting its integral 6 figure cavalry unit.
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