Saturday, 15 May 2010

Dipping my toe... Part Deux.

I dipped my first unit last week, some Spanish Caetrati, and I've only just managed to varnish them, as below.

I used strongtone dip.  This worked very well, except on the whites which became rather too dingy.  However, I overpainted the whites and was pleased with how they came out, especially as this means I will be able to up my painting rate.  I'll take a better photo when they are all based up.

My painting table is overflowing with minis as I'm currently working on 4 units in parallel; an EIR cohort in the front, 2 units of 10 Spanish, rear left, and 9 successor pikemen, rear right.  This is part of my plan to finish off most of the half painted units I have lying around.


DeanM said...

Wow - those are superb sculpts (great painting too, of course). I'm particularly taken with the detail of the falcata & "toothpick" on the guy on the right. Dean

BigRedBat said...

Hi Dean, yes Copplestone at his (very good) best. I just added a spare javelin in the shield hand.

Secundus said...

They look great, dipping sure is worth doing when you see the production rate. Also, after you highlight them they look really good.

BigRedBat said...

Yes. I can see myself trying to simplify my painting technique, so that I can increase my production rate, like you and SaxonDog.