Saturday, 29 May 2010

A Little Roman Camp...

This is a 15mm marching camp I made for my mate Ian for his Birthday, last year.   Someone was asking on TMP about making ditched and banks.  There is on ditch, here, but there is certainly a bank!  It's not perfect; in particular the gate isn't correct,  but it'll look great on the table.

In the closeup, below, you can see the construction.  It is made of foamcore on a card base.  Each length is 8cm, by 4cm deep.  There is enough space on the walkway for 15mm DBx-based elements.  The sticks are broom bristle cut to irregular lengths, and glued into the gap between the pieces of foamcore.  It is primed a sand colour, and I need to paint it to match his battlecloth.

 This year for his Birthday, I'm going finish painting the terrain, and paint up some Baeuda tents to go with it.


Sigmar said...

Broom Bristles ?! A nice tip, I find matchsticks a bit on the thick side, I'd never considered broom bristles. The only problem is... how do I cut some off without the wife noticing ? Or should I just reduce every single bristle in size a bit so it's not so obious ;-)

Nice blog, I'll be back.

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BigRedBat said...

They make good spears and pikes, too. One broomhead will last forever!

VolleyFireWargames said...

I have a 15mm Roman camp painted with a nice gated entrance it was done by a professional painter I think it might be worth 100 to 150 british pounds easily - too bad I live here in the states or I would sell it to you to go with you homemade one.

BigRedBat said...

I'm very much a 28mm gamer these days, but my mate is 15mm and there are battles where a camp is important (Magnesia, for example).

Geminian said...

Broom bristles Simon!!! Whoodathunkit!!! You`ve given me some food for thought.