Saturday, 24 July 2010

More Auxilia...

While I'm putting the finishing touches to my second cohort of British Auxiliaries (photo in 3-4 days), here's a shot of the next unit.  I prepped these around 2 years ago and they have been waiting on the sidelines.  I really should be painting pikes but  instead I intend to speed-paint these... possibly next week.


Consul said...

Has the standard got a cuckoo clock on top of it? Very interesting!

Never seen these cloaked figures before, what manufacturer do they come from?

I'm in London now so hopefully we can soon meet up for a drink.


Matt said...


More finished figures in a few days????? You're simply a painting machine!

Well done old bean.



BigRedBat said...

Good eyesight, Consul! ;-)

The majority of the minis are BTD. They aren't fantastic, but aren't bad either. Their Auxiliaries are better than their legionaries. I seem to have accumulated 300-400 in various states of painting.

Drop me an email and we can meet up for a drink.


BigRedBat said...

Hi Matt, I seem to be painting faster, I'm quite driven at the moment. I think it is because I absolutely love EIRs.

PS Consul the new tribune is Crusader and the standards slightly converted Foundry (I've given them knee-britches).

Anonymous said...

Always good to see Aux getting a look in. Are you going to Partizan in Sept Simon? Be good to hook up.
Cheers Paul

BigRedBat said...

Hi Paul,

I've never been to Partizan, but have found I have a friend lives near there and am thinking about going up for one of the events. I hear that you and Dave Imrie are putting a game on; would be interested to see it!


Anonymous said...

Thats next year Simon with David.
Its Spanish Naps this year and your welcome to join in.