Wednesday 15 November 2023

Siege Mound

Here is a WIP shot of my new ECW siege artillery battery on a mound. Last night I added a few more Debris gabions, build the earth around them up and cut the base. Tonight, I need to model the approach ramp at the rear. I have an idea that I could build a gunpowder magazine into the side of this.

It will be an earthen mound, roughly 5cm tall, with storming poles and possibly an abattis.

I'm building the piece to accommodate some Bicorne siege guns painted by chum David Imrie. It feels strange that it is so much quicker to build huge bits of terrain than it is to paint a few tiny 28mm figures!


Eric the Shed said...

Looking great Simon - I built a couple of these a few years back and they have seen sterling service from the WOTR to the Napoleonic period

Ray Rousell said...

Nice work.

pancerni said...

Going to be impressive.

pancerni said...

That is a grand battery!