Wednesday 1 November 2023

Ancient Ruins

No, this is not about me and my grognard chums, but rather this printed scenery which I bought on eBay for around £50. I'm gobsmacked about the value- it's almost a foot high (28mm figure for scale) and there must be weeks of work in the design of it, and a ton of filament within it. O brave new world that has such buildings in it! How long would it have taken to build a model like this from scratch? I plan to customise it and use it in my Salute '24 game.

In other news I had an absolutely super chat with Henry Hyde of Battlegames this morning, which he'll be posting as a Podcast in the next few days, I'll talk about it more when I know the release date, soon, I think.


Curt said...

That is an impressive lump of terrain to be sure! We are spoiled for choice these days - it really is incredible.

C. von Grumpy said...

Thanks for sharing,where could I buy one of these?

pancerni said...

Wonderful time for procurement.

Ray Rousell said...

That's a beauty, Can you post a link of where you got it please?

Valthaer said...


First of all, congratulations for your blog, i have been reading a few years :).

I really like the 3D building you have shown, can you share the link to it on Ebay?

Thanks a lot!
Best regards
Jesús Jaraíz

BigRedBat said...

Golly, looks like I should be on commission for this one! ;-) They do it both ruined and new. Also have a look at their church, also on my "wanted" list.

Valthaer said...

Thanks a lot!