Monday, 31 May 2021

New version of the Medieval Army List eBook published


I've just published an updated version of the Medieval Army List eBook. This includes three new lists- Golden Horde, Hundred Years War English (Home) and Zanj Revolt. The Golden Horde cross swords with lots of other armies. The second list is particularly handy as it is the home service equivalent of the more famous continental English list, really handy for chastising the Scots, or fighting English rebels. The Zanj list is an interesting one; black Spartacus meets Isis.

There are significant edits to the Later Medieval Polish and Sengoku Samurai lists, and minor edits to Feudal English, Hundred Years’ War English (Continental), Later Swiss, Mongol Conquest, Ilkhanid Mongol, Later Byzantine and possibly other lists. I've also added some extra historical background material and more images. 

Above and below are sample pages.

The next version of this eBook will be released at the end of September (after this year's tournaments). An updated version of the Ancient Army List eBook will be published at the end of June. 

I do hope you enjoy the new book- it's getting quite big now, 206 pages and (I think) 111 lists. If you've previously purchased it, you'll have received an email from me with it as an attachment, or a download link if you bought it via Wargames Vault. If you've not bought it yet, you can find it here

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