Monday, 21 June 2021

New version of the TtS! Ancient Army List eBook published

I've just published an updated version of the Ancient  Army List eBook. I've brought this out a little early for the convenience of those who are attending the Roman/Greek-themed tournament at the end of September at the London GT (tickets still available, here).  If you aren't already coming, do come and join us! 

This latest release includes new Middle Carthaginian, Carthaginian Mercenary Revolt and Early Etruscan lists. There are also new Axumite, Blemmye/Beja, Nobatae and Christian Nubian lists in a new African “Beyond the First Cataract” chapter, grouped together with some existing but edited list (Early Nubian, Kushite and Later Kushite). I will be expanding this chapter further, in future releases. There are some unusual, colourful and little-known armies to be found, south of Aswan.

I've changed Ligurians from warband to javelinmen in several lists. Significant edits to the Achaemenid Persian, Neo-Babylonian and Pyrrhic lists, and minor edits to some other lists, but I don't think there's much that will throw people's competition plans out. I've also added some extra historical background material and more images. It's now a 297-page PDF contains 159 TtS! ancient army lists!

Above and below are sample pages from the Pyrrhic list.

If you've previously purchased it, you'll have received an email from me with it as an attachment, or a download link if you bought it via Wargames Vault. If you've not bought it yet, you can find it hereI've also updated the Free Army list eBook.

The next version of the Ancient eBook will come out at the end of September, at the same time as the next release of the Medieval eBook (I've dropped back the publication date back a month so that it comes out after the tournament season, to avoid any confusion).

A big thanks to everyone who helped put the book together! I really hope you enjoy it. 


Pete D said...

All this work on minor changes to army lists seems a bit irrelevant.

We still don't have a coherent set of rules. Original book and a constantly changing set of amendments only available in a separate document. Surely it wouldn't be a big task to incorporate the amendments & release an updated pdf version. My club started enthusiastic but the release of several sets of amendments in the last year have proved very unpopular. When asked "If this set is so good why is it always changing?", what can I say?

BigRedBat said...

Hi Pete, I'm working on the v2 rules in the background, all the amendments will feed into those, eventually. But first I need to publish Renaissance which will also benefit form the amendments.