Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Swiss progress


Over Christmas and New Year, I've been chipping away at the edges of my Swiss project. I prepped 100+ plastic and metal Swiss, and detailed the 84, above, that Shaun McTague mostly painted, the bulk of the next four contingents - Glarus, Schweiz, Schaffhausen and Basel. They will be bulked-out with un-uniformed Switzers. My plan is to get the bulk of the remaining 250-ish Swiss finished, and then base them all at more-or-less the same time.

This is my first post of '21 - let's hope we all have a happier year, with rather more wargaming than the last one! I'm very much hoping to be able to run some big games, once we are let out to play, and join in some competitions, too. In fact there's an online tournament starting on Monday- Hannibal at the Gates- mail me if you would like details.


Friends Of General Haig said...

The foundations of some terrifying Swiss pike blocks there! Fingers crossed for more gaming in 2021.

BigRedBat said...

Indeed! I think things will look a lot better in the spring. Will have a lot of new toys by then!

caveadsum1471 said...

More great looking Swiss! Will 2021 be the year of To the strongest for the Italian wars?
Best Iain

BigRedBat said...

LOL- I hope so Iain!