Monday, 18 May 2020

Midsummer Madness- Week 1 results!

We've been running the online To the Strongest! 1066 online tournament for a week, and, so far, ten players have played eight games between them- which is a super start.

Here's a shot from a game I played with Alex Meyers, this week. Alex played a bewildering number of Aces- four, out of eight cards, in one (all-to-brief for Alex) turn, captured in the photo. The game was very close- I won by only two medals.

One of the nice things about an online tournament is that once can play people all around the world- Alex is in Belgium. Next week I hope to play some US opponents.

Here are the scores at the end of week one; points depend upon victories and the number of games played, with a positive bonus for playing at least one game in a week. Most of us played one or two games, Paul played three. 

STOP-PRESS corrected results!

We have a couple more players starting this week, and I'm hoping to game with a couple of the other players, this week, who have signed up but haven't played yet. If you'd like to join in, just drop em an email at the address on the left and I'll help you to sort out your first game!


Stone said...


How’s this work online is there a site or program required?


BigRedBat said...

Hi Chris, Sorry missed this. There is a program called Tabeltop Simulator on Steam that you need- it's not too dear and is sometimes on sale. Best, Simon

Shadow50 said...

Once I have table simulator, is there additional software or website to run to the strongest?
Thanks, Rick

BigRedBat said...

Hi Rick, you just need the To the Strongest! 1066 module for Tabletop Simulator. You can download a free PDF of instructions on the PC specifications and how to install it and get going from the BigRedBatShop. If you can't make it work, please email me and I'll help. Best Simon