Thursday, 5 December 2019

TtS! Tournament in Paris

French chums are organising a To the Strongest! Tournament in Paris next summer, and say that we rosbifs would be most welcome to come along and join them. Unusually, it's in 15mm scale (the preferred scale in Mainland Europe) but they can lend armies - from what I've seen, they aren't short on miniatures!  Six games will be played over two days on a 6x4 15cm grid.  The price tag of the tournament is 25€ for the 2 days and includes the lunches.

I intend to go, travelling out Friday PM and back Sunday PM by Eurostar, and staying in a local hotel TBA, and hopefully scoffing a couple of nice French meals in the evenings. If you think you might like to come (no need for a firm commitment at this stage), then please email me at the address on the left. I'll collate the UK responses and get back to Pierre Aymeric who is organising it. 

Cheers, Simon


Von Bob said...

It will be 5 or 6 games in two days Simon, not three!

BigRedBat said...

Quite right! Thanks I've edited the post.

Bluewillow said...

Looking forward to meeting you Simon!

French Wargame Holidays

BigRedBat said...

Likewise, Matt! :-)