Wednesday, 11 December 2019

New army lists!

Since the beginning of September, I've published 13 new army lists for To the Strongest! and edited and extended many others. There are now 217 different lists. The new lists include:

  • Hephthalite (White Hun), Indo Skythian, Later Muslim and Later Hindu Indian lists, all in the "Across the Indus!" booklet
  • An Old and Middle Kingdom Egyptian list in "Cradle of Civilizations"
  • Kyrenean Greek and Mercenary Greek lists in "Frogs about a Pond"
  • Western Frankish and Magyar lists in "Early Medieval"
  • A Khwarazmian list in "High Medieval"
  • Later Medieval Portuguese and Low Counties lists in "Later Medieval"
  • A Turkish Tribes and Kingdoms list in "Oriental"

I'm very excited about some of the new lists- particularly the ones in the new Indian booklet, which are very exotic and include some very unusual troop types.

All the lists can be downloaded, for free, from


Bluewillow said...

Thanks Simon,

Interested in the western Frank list!

French Wargame Holidays

BigRedBat said...

Ta Matt!