Thursday, 7 November 2019

Edgehill Cards Deployed

Here are some shots of the TtS! Edgehill scenario and cards, in action. Ian printed, laminated and cut the cards; he did a fine job.

Here's the whole battlefield, 270cm wide, from the Royalist side.
The mat is a 9' x 4' plains with a 10cm cross grid. We didn't have a large enough table available, so set it up on the floor, with books underneath, for the hills. Old Skool!

The Royalist Centrre
We used felt for the stream and cut up scouring pads for the hedges.

Royalist left- you can see the dragoons and horse holders, behind. There is even a card for John Smith.

The parliamentarian artillery and the Lifeguards that saved the day.

The Royal Lifeguard of Foote, with Royal Standard and attached gun

Prince Rupert and the Royalist right, behind a scouring-pad hedge.  :-)
It is really great to see the project come to fruition. I'm sure we will take this to one of the shows, next year. If you'd like a set, you can find the cards here.


Chris said...

Ian and Simon -

Well done. Well done indeed.
Reminds me of my own functional approach to what can be a rather expensive hobby.

Wonder if there might be any chance of a medieval or ancients set of counters being produced at some point in the future?

Again, well done. Interested to see how this presentation or portrayal is received by the larger community.


Prufrock said...

Great idea!

BigRedBat said...

Hi Chris, it's been interesting to do. Yes we might do ancients, but first I want to roll out three or four more ECW battles- a couple of smaller ones and Naseby, that I have partially written, and get some feedback. I think the smaller battles would be a great think to take to a club, or even a pub! Best, Simon

Tarpon said...

Hi Bigredbat,
I like the use of the cards in your game and would like to download the set.
I did click on your "get them here" link but that returns an page not found error. Not sure what the problem is.

Thanks for the inspiration,

BigRedBat said...

Thanks Tarpon! I have fixed the broken link- you can find the cards here:

Millsy said...

They look absolutely smashing mate! Well done to Ian and yourself.