Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Roman reinforcements for Benson

This week I completed enough minis to complete my second Early Imperial Roman army, for use at our TtS! tournament at Benson near Oxford on Saturday.  This army are mostly Foundry Perry minis, and smaller than my main EIR army; I call them EIR2.  They have all been bought painted or part painted on eBay and tarted up. They are based up either for use with my own "To the Strongest!" rules or with Impetus.  All pictures are clickable!

This is my favourite unit - auxilia.  There are minis here from three very competent painters, and my involvement was mostly on painting some shields and adding staining.

Above is a unit of legionaries by a couple of different painters.  This is the third cohort I have from this legion - I aspire to eventually field six or eight.

Above are some fairly generic slingers; these are more or less complete repaints.

The Governor, Aulus Paulinus, of course!  Below is a hero figure - Longinus a brave Roman cavalryman from the siege of Jerusalem. During a combat at range with javelins, Longinus, a cavalryman, leaped out from the Roman lines and charged the mass of the enemy. He killed one, pulled his spear out, stabbed another in the side, and then made his way safely back to his comrades.

And finally below is a Warlord Testudo that David Imrie very kindly gave me; I did just a little work on the base so that it would better match my minis.  

When I get a chance, I'll take a picture of the complete army with the units that I completed earlier.

If you are at a loose end on Saturday and fancy dropping in to say hello at Benson, or even trying the rules, please email me for details.
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