Friday, 30 January 2015

Back to basing

I'm hurrying to finish a new Roman army for the first To the Strongest! Tournament on Saturday week.  I'm using the repaint eBay minis technique that I described in Wargames Soldiers Strategy.   The knack is to get the minis from 3 or 4 different painters to match- retouching, ink washes and muddying up the shields does a good job of this.

I need to finish a cohort of legionaries, one of auxiliaries, some slingers, two command stands and a hero (the auxiliary cavalryman, who I've given a lozenge-shaped base so that he's not confused with a command stand).  The other units in the army can be seen here; it is composed of the smaller Perry minis, with a few Warlord and First Corp for variety.  The bases are Impetus-stylee.

As you can see I'm quite far advanced with the process; basing tonight!

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