Friday, 23 January 2015

Chits of War

I've just added what I call "Chits of War" to the BigRedBatShop.  These are intended as an alternative to using playing cards in a game of To the Strongest!, and are likely to appeal to those who don't like the look of cards on a table or who are gaming on smaller grids, perhaps with 15mm minis.  I used them in a game last night and I am very taken with them- I'll certainly use them myself in games that will be photographed for this blog.

These chits have been cut from 2mm MDF. The activation chits are designed to be drawn from a cup or small pot and used in exactly the same manner as playing cards are in a game of To the Strongest! The ammunition markers have a dinky little arrow on them, and the playing card-shaped chits are perfect for stratagems.  The set includes a total of 143 chits:

  • 80 TtS! activation chits numbered from 1-10
  • 13 TtS! playing card court card chits for use as stratagem cards
  • 50 TtS! ammunition markers

The full set can be purchased for £9.99 plus shipping from here.

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