Sunday 28 July 2013


I recently wrote my ancient 1999 Galaxy off in a minor accident, and have been vehicle-less for a month.  This was becoming a looming problem, what with Partizan and Colours beckoning.

Here's my new battle taxi- literally a taxi- until last month it was roaring around London as a minicab. I knew I had to had it when the chap showed me how all the rear seats fold into the floor, creating a very large "hold".  I reckon I could get all my terrain boards and all my 28mm minis and terrain in there....  


Dalauppror said...

Congratulation to the new car, good with the loading space.

best regards Michael

Paulalba said...

Well done!

DeanM said...

Definitely looks roomy. Nice. Dean

BigRedBat said...

Thanks chaps. It is cavernous!

The sales place was amazing. 80 cars there, and you could have any car you wanted, as long as it was a 2010 Black Galaxy Zetec! ;-)

Silver Whistle said...

All that space will be very handy for impulse buying at wargame shows.
A very nice looking motor, Tosh.

Matt said...

Good for you old bean! You'll not regret buying car that you can get all your gaming stuff into.



Willie Anderson said...

You got your priority's right Simon as long as you can fit in the terrain its the right car,
Best wishes