Friday, 19 April 2013

Spring cleaning...

I’m having a “flash sale” of minis (if they don’t go today, it’s the Salute Bring and Buy for them!)

I have a large number of Foundry World of the Greeks phalangites, all in attacking poses to take levelled pikes.

3 packs of armoured phalangites

4 packs of unarmoured phalangites 
3 packs of Eastern phalangites
42 loose unarmoured phalangites
24 loose armoured phalangites
4 loose painted armoured phalangites

Total 150 minis.  I’ll do the lot for £90 plus postage, less than half the price from Foundry.

I also have 42 Crusader Successor pike, including command, like these.

I'm looking for 60p a figure (half the list price!), for a total £25.20, plus postage. If you are at Salute, I could give them to you there.

Finally, I have 96 Crusader Early Imperial Romans spare- 87 legionaries, and 3 each centurions, signifers and cornicens, like these.
I'm looking for 60p each plus postage (£57.60), which is also about half the list price. I could deliver at Salute. 

Alternatively, I'll potentially trade for other Ancients ranges.  

Cheers, Simon


Maashes Caisteal said...

Dude, I just bought all plastics! Wish this became available last week.

sebastosfig said...

Hi Simon. I'm interested in your 42 crusader phalangites. I hopefully will be at salute tomorrow.
My email:sebastien.gimeno(at) gmail(dot) com

BigRedBat said...

Super, Sebastien! I'll mail you.

Cheers, Simon

BigRedBat said...

All packed; I think I will be carrying more weight than a 1916 Tommy, up from the car park...