Monday, 1 April 2013

A change of scale...

I've been painting 28mm pikemen for my Raphia project, continuously for the last four months, and have rather reached the end of my tether.  In fact the whole 28mm thing is starting to pee me off: I've at least 4000 unpainted, most of whom will never get painted, the whole house is full of lead, and I've been fighting a rearguard action for space with the family for the past decade.

I have plan "B" in mind; sell all my 28's and shift to 2mm, instead.   

Here's my Alexandrian 2mm army, all from Irregular Miniatures.  

On the left (below) are the Companions, in 8 squadrons, including the larger Royal squadron with the man himself, screened by Agrianes.

In the centre of the army, the Pezhetairoi (below).  Each of the 12 blocks has 240 pikemen in it, giving a much better impression of mass, than 28mm do.

On the right, the Thessalians, and Prodromoi.

Here are some pike blocks I've modeled as deeper formations of less well drilled Machimoi, for Raphia.

Fianlly, below, the elephant and Cretan skirmisher screen.

The entire 2mm army fits into a large matchbox, unlike my 28mm collection, which would fit into a shipping container, (just about!).   

So there we have it, plan "B"...
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