Saturday, 14 July 2012

Mon Big Parade

Figgybloggy Greg organises an annual parade of miniatures to coincide with Bastille Day.  It only just dawned on me that today is the very day!  Vive la France!

Last year I posted my Early Imperial Roman Legion, and today I've decided to parade my mostly-new auxiliary forces in front of my newish buildings from Paul Darnell.  The pics aren't my best ever, but they do give an impression of what I'm up to.

Above are the 13 cohorts of auxiliaries, the ex-marines of I Adiutrix and my first Ala of Auxiliary cavalry.  This is clickable!

Above front left, two British Cohorts, and front-right two German.  Behind them are the newly-prromoted marines of I Adiutrix.

Front left, beyond the tribunal, are two cohorts of Batavians, and behind them their cavalry contingent.  Front right are a cohort of Dalmatians and one of Noricans, and behind them Ala Siliana. 

Above left are two cohorts of Gauls, and behind them, their cavalry contingent.   Front right are a cohort of Raetians, and behind them a cohort of Roman Citizens and finally beyond them a cohort of Palmyran archers.

Finally, below a blurry shot of a very nice reviewing stand that I bought from Paul Darnell.

Next year, hopefully I'll stage a rather smaller but no doubt very shiny parade of Praetorians and associated troops.
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