Friday, 13 July 2012

Coh. I et II Sugambrorum

Latest recruits to the Army of Germania Inferior; two more cohortes peditatae from the Sugambrorii tribe, painted by Dr. Simon's mystery painter (highlighting and basing by me).  I'm now just about finished with Auxiliary infantry (have 13 cohorts), but may perhaps do one or two more cohorts before Partizan, if time permits. Do have a click, they look quite acceptable in closeup.

I love these (mainly) Saleh minis (if anyone has any sitting around unpainted, I'd love to do a swap).  I've mixed in a few Foundry and Crusader command figures, and a couple of BTDs.  The (ahistoric) unit standards are Aventines' Hercules (who the Germans worshipped), and a boar.
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