Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A brief diversion into terrain, part I

For the game at Partizan (of which more, anon), I'm going to need to make up some vineyards, of a type used by the Romans- tall poles, on which the grapes would grow, overhead. A Syrian neighbour built something very similar in his garden, one year.  These need to be able to accomodate troops but also to store away neatly, hopefully 4 to a 7L Really Useful box.

I pushed bamboo skewers through a 5mm sheet of foamcore, on a 70mm grid, to make a template.  I then cut 45mm lengths of skewer as the uprights, and cut beams of spruce and bamboo to go across them.  I stuck everything together with wood glue, it is reasonably rigid, and will become more so, as I plan to reinforce it.

Above are the first 2 frames, of 4 planned.  They are going to be freestanding, so troops can easily be placed under the vines.  A promising start!  Also a nice change from painting and basing.
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