Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Gallic Auxiliary Reinforcements

My least satisfactory Auxiliary Cohort is the II Gallorum (above, front left).  These were an eBay purchase and fall a little short of the quality of my other units, so they are getting a refurb which involves partial rebasing, some detailing, and a lick of overpainting on the shields.  At the same time I am painting a second cohort from scratch.  All the minis are from Black Tree Designs; not brilliant but quite serviceable.

When they are finished the two cohorts and their associated cavalry contingents will constitute the Gallic wing of my auxiliary project.


Matt said...

Nowt wrong with BTD Auxilia. In fact, I think they're better figures than the Legion.

Look forward to seeing the entire wing.


BigRedBat said...

Matt, yes indeed, much better than the legionaries! Mind you, the legionaries are pants. ;-)


Prufrock said...

You're a man of refined tastes, BRB! I'd have considered them finished some time ago ;-) Nice to see you back painting ancients again!


Hobbyworker said...

Love your auxiliares