Wednesday, 23 May 2012

BigRedBat's Loft Sale part 2

This is the Monolith Germanic/Viking Great Hall and a matching barn, assembled and ready for aspiring Saga heroes:- "Because of wine-feast and mead-feast they charged, Men famed in fighting, heedless of life."

I’ve decided to move out of Dark Ages to focus on the vast ambitions I have for my Romans, so am parting with these (and, shortly, my small but very nice Viking Army).  The two buildings are finished to an extremely high standard, mounted on stout card, magnabased for storage, with a selection of weeds and grasses around them.  The roofs can be removed to access to the interior.  I built plank floors for both buildings. I went for a very weathered wood-look, and I think I nailed it!  They are matt varnished.  They have never been used and are in absolutely tip-top condition.

I’m looking for £110 the pair, plus P&P at cost (the figures are shown for size comparison purposes only, and not included).  If you are interested, and are going to Partizan this Sunday, then I can deliver them to you there, or you can collect from me in North London, or I can post.

Cheers, Simon


Ray Rousell said...

These are very tempting!!! Not sure the wallet would agree though! :0(

Silver Whistle said...

The Dark Ages seem to be very popular at the moment so best of luck with selling these superb looking buildings.

Paul O'G said...

What gorgeous buildings! I s would love to have those in my DA village, but would also like to try the challenge of buildng them myself. What did you you for the "Gripping Beast" motiff on the Great Hall entrance?

BigRedBat said...

Thanks chaps- Paul, GB put that motif on there! It's nice isn't it? I was half tempted to paint it, but wasn't confident I'd be able to get the wear on the paint quite right.

Cheers, Simon

Matt said...


But if I bought them off you and SWMBO found out then I'd have to play Saga with broken fingers! :-D