Thursday, 10 November 2011

Navy Lark

21 more marines and a centurion for my naval legion; just 18 minis left to go, now!  And the shields, and basing, of course.   This time, I swapped a bunch of heads for the sake of variety.   The centurion was nicked from a previous project. 


Beccas said...

Great painting. Well done.

Ray Rousell said...

Great looking troops, excellently painted, love the blue.

Jay said...

Very nicely done.

Rodger said...

Really nice looking troops.

Secundus said...

lovely work as always BRB, I have been working on your character for my own Roman Campaign, 'Biblus Rabatus'will be taking over from Tullus and leading the Senetorial forces. Not sure quite when though as I still have a lot of painting to do.

What company do you buy your spears from btw?

BigRedBat said...

Splendid Simon, always loved your campaign! Hope to run my own in the spring.

The spears are Norh Star, but I file the ends to a leaf-like shape. I have a nifty technique for painting the heads, so they look more spear-like.

Thanks all!

Paul´s Bods said...

Another nice set of jolly jack tars..
What´s the nifty technique for painting the spearheads to look more spear tell

Paul´s Bods said...

oh yeh...I do use my figs for wargaming but due to having more interest in the actual painting the games are rare :-D

BigRedBat said...

Hi Paul, I must spend 20 hours painting for every one gaming, these days, m'self.

I'll try to write up the spearhead thing; this lot aren't my best, a bit rushed.