Monday, 14 November 2011

The Final 18...

I'm battling my way towards the conclusion of my Marine legion, which was, perhaps, a project too far.  These are the final 18 of the 80 required minis.  Painting will be finished by the end of next week, and basing should take around a further week.

In other news, I'm taking a sabbatical from TMP which has been eating up too much of my time, and sometimes could get a bit acrimonious; so apologies if I don't respond to any of your posts on there.  If you have a blog about Ancients, I probably will be calling by, or you can drop me an email to keep in touch at the address on the front page, here.


Prufrock said...

I like that colour you're using for the tunics, Bigbluebat... Would also look very dashing on some eastern phalangite types. I hear you with the Roman project too far - having picked up a massive lot of late Republican Romans for RCW battles I can sympathise with struggles for motivation. The systems seem to simply shut down after a point!

Regarding TMP, I've always found you to be a wonderfully positive, knowledgeable, witty, good-hearted and good-humoured contributor and I hope that you'll pop back in once the batteries are recharged. I check in most days (though I don't post much unless I'm on a roll) and I've never seen you post anything that would seem out of order in any way, and that includes recently.

You're a constant inspiration and although I wouldn't want to put words in anyone's mouth I think you only need to look at the number of followers here to see that this is true not only for myself but for many other ancients enthusiasts (and would be for others too if they had seen your blog).

Keep on keepin' on and don't go changin'!

Best wishes, Aaron

Counterpane said...

That's thirty years' worth of Roman painting for me!

Well done!

BigRedBat said...

Thanks very much, Aaron, that is very kind indeed.

I've really enjoyed TMP, and may again, but for the moment am going Cold Turkey! I've spent too much time on there, and also feel it has been getting more acrimonius, recently, or perhaps my tolerance levels have slipped. Also I miss Allen Curtis' posts; it was like having Gregory House MD on the forum... But a break might recharge my batteries.

But most of the people I like to chat with, in any case, have blogs, now, so I can call by, to say hello!

Richard, painting any number of Romans is a slippery path....

Cheers, Simon

Adelaide Gamer said...

... and all slippery paths lead to Rome. And aye, better to bow out than to burn out. These guys look nice, btw.

Ray Rousell said...

Excellent work, they should look great when they're all painted up, keep up the great work!!

paulalba said...

Excellent looking unit,
Impressive total you are getting through. Always liked the look of Roman armies.

RazorOne223 said...

nice work!!! I just took the big leap myself buying the Warlord games "legions of Rome" Army deal along withe the "Hail Caesar" rules, I am going to be hip deep in romans shortly...Anyway I like what you have done here.