Saturday, 14 May 2011


Here's my small Late Roman Army, so far.  I've collected three Auxilia, one (understrength) unit of archers, and some heavy cavalry.

There is a new unit of Heavy Cavalry, below (well a very old unit, really, I've owned it at least 5 years).  Could someone remind me what the name of the unit below is?  I can't see it in the Notitia.  (Update: Terreblanche tells me they are the Schola Gentilium Seniores).

I still need at least one 48 man legio, and some light horse.  And some skirmisher types.

I'm very taken with the Perry's.  I would like another army in larger 28s, too, though.  I will very likely end up with two Late Roman armies.


Hetairoi said...

Very impressive, Simon!

kingsleypark said...

Very nice looking force.

How many more units would you be looking to add to it?

sebastosfig said...

Very good looking army. Such a nice view to my eyes

Paul´s Bods said...

VERY VERY Nice!!!! Bloody excellent!!!!

Man Cave said...

Fantastic stuff. Late Roman isnt really my bag, but these could go well against some Saxons in Britannia!

BigRedBat said...

Thanks all.

kingsleypark, they need at least one 48 man legio, and some more cavalry (lights, perhaps). I also want a unit of scruffy limitae types.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Super looking army!!


Anonymous said...

Excellent bit of work!

Are you building your Late Roman army around any particular organization, or just whatever you feel like? Also, are they Perry-Perry, or Perry-Foundry? I'm asking because I didn't see them on the Perry website.

BigRedBat said...

Hi Rob, most of my troops are in 24's like these, and represent around 480 men at 1:20 which is the right size for an auxilia. The legiones need to be around twice that size.

They are all Perry-Foundry; quite an old range, now, small but perfectly formed. I don't usually collect the smaller Foundry figures, but they are rather lovely.

Prufrock said...

Very nice! I love the size and organisation of your bases. Inspirational, as always!


Cyrus said...

Great looking army Simon!