Tuesday, 24 May 2011

250K Page Views! And some Slingers.

A kind thank you to all my visitors; my page count (since March '09) slipped past 250K this afternoon!  Please do keep dropping by here, and to my very new Horse'n'Musket blog, on which I next expect to post, tomorrow.

Here's a (clickable) unit of late Roman slingers I just finished.  I bought eight painted on Ebay, painted four more to match, gave them shields based on a Notitia design, and based.

I converted 2 figures to have staff slings, or fustibalii, and you should be able to make them out, below.  These started as spearmen.  I repositioned the arms and made the slings with twisted fine wire and a tiny bit of greenstuff.  They came out very well, I'll do more at some stage.

Ultimately, these will be in a separate army to my Late Roman Perrys, because they are rather larger minis, and I am nothing if not ruthlessly sizeist.  I aspire to a second army of mixed Black Tree, GB and Muskateer, like Jon's.


sebastosfig said...

I'd say your staff slingers are the best!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

An inceadible milestone (I'm just celebrating my 75k milestone today) which relfects the high quality of your models, and your envious production rate too!

Bravo and here is to the big half million hits :-D

Cyrus said...

Excellent conversions on the staff slingers and a great looking unit. 250K in hits is amazing!

Caliban said...

Congratulations on the numbers, Simon!

ljr70 said...

These are really nice. I especially like your basing! Well done.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Congrats and great looking slingers!


Matt said...

Nice slingers!

Well done with the 250K page views. Your blog is always worth a visit.

BTW - (and hope you don't mind me asking) - do you have any BTD Auxilary Cavalry that you'd be interested in selling? I'm only after 3 but I'm a bit wary of ordering anything more direct from BTD, especially such a small order.

Keep up the great work!



BigRedBat said...

Sure Matt, drop me a line at simonmiller60 a t gmail dot com

Matt said...


Will email from home tonight :o)