Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Theme for 2011- Early Imperial Rome

I've given some more though to what I'm going to paint this year, after the French Indo China, Ancient Germans/Laager and Marian Romans that I've previously mentioned as Q1 objectives.  I've decided to concentrate on Early Imperial Romans, because:-

  • I have a lot of EIR units part painted, that I should be able to finish relatively quickly
  • I also have a huge amount of unpainted EIR lead so it will save me money
  • I really like EIRs and want to run a campaign; my favourite Roman text is Tacitus' Histories
  • They would look great for a big display game, in 2012
But will I be able to stick to my plan?


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

If you can stay on one project for a whole year with no distractions at all then I tip my hat to you sir!
I'm always doing doing several projects at one time with more on my mind which leaves me bouncing around like a pinball with two balls going at the same time.
I wish you great success and will follow your efforts on your goal.


BigRedBat said...

Hi Christopher, I think it'll be mostly 28mm Romans, but I'll mix in some 20mm tanks and various bits of terrain, for the sake of variety.

I see your list is rather longer! :-) Simon

Caliban said...

Hi Simon, which Early Imperial campaign has caught your eye? I've always fancied the Year of the Four Emperors as a club campaign, but getting players with enough painted Romans between them won't be easy.

It doesn't have to be a civil war, of course. Germans, Dacians or Parthians come to mind as well. I like these guys, because between them they did for lots of Romans!

I came across a set of automated rules for solo campaigns that could be adapted for group play. Originally I thought they would make a really good basis for a Caesarean game. Basically, you have three players out for glory. They fight their campaigns against the so-called Barbarians, and then come home to fight over Rome. The good thing about this is that each Roman player gets to play someone else's opponents, so there is a real incentive to do grief to other Romans! This could work for Early Imperial as well.

Shall I see if I can dig it out?


BigRedBat said...

Hi Paul, yes Y4E. Have always wanted to play this! I'm the only one round here with EI Romans, but I have a fair few and more on the way. We have Germans, and Celts, but no Parthains yet.

I'd be interested in your rules. Are they computer based?

I once ran a DBA Y4E campaign which was pretty good fun.


Giles said...

Good luck with your projects, Simon. I'm looking forward to following them.

Best wishes


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

It's hard to argue with Romans of any period. Good luck with the project!

Matt said...

Good luck old bean! I'm very interested in all things EIR. This year I hope to expand my "Conquest of Britannia" armies so I shall be following your blog closely.



legatus hedlius said...

This may encourage me to work on the unit of plastics I based up last year!

Look forward to following this!

BigRedBat said...

I just stumbled across this post; I have been painting Romans, for most of the year so far, but the majority have been Middle and Late Imperials, and only a few units Early. Must revisit the Earlys...

I did finish an Indo China army, but never wrote the rules to use them. Doh.